We invite you to read through the information below to learn more about the curriculum for our middle school students.


Mathematics reflects the order and unity in God’s universe and contributes to the development of the whole person by enriching one’s life and providing practical tools for daily living. Every student needs an understanding, knowledge, and proficiency with basic mathematical processes, concepts, and skills. Contemporary society demands a mathematical knowledge, which helps students develop the ability to reason and think critically and logically as well as to discover creative ways of solving problems, including the use of technological tools.

The primary goals of the mathematics curriculum are for students to develop an understanding of mathematical skills and reasoning, fluency in basic computational skills, and connections of math to all other disciplines. The curriculum aligns with the Common Core Standards adopted by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

SJPII Middle Grades Mathematics Course Offerings

  • 6th Grade Mathematics Course — Goals and objectives appropriate for on-grade level 6th grade students.
  • 6th Grade Compacted Mathematics Course — Goals and objectives designed for mathematically- advanced and developmentally-ready 6th grade students compiled from the 6th grade Mathematics course and the 7th grade Pre-Algebra course.
  • 7th Grade Pre-Algebra Course — Goals and objectives appropriate for on-grade level 7th grade students.
  • Integrated Math I Course — Goals and objectives appropriate for mathematical advanced and developmentally-ready 7th grade students and on-grade level 8th grade students.
  • Integrated Math II Course — Goals and objectives appropriate for 8th grade students who have completed the Integrated Math I course.